About Me

     Greetings all. My name is Jason Swann, a.k.a. The Cheeky Daddy. No, I'm not British, though that's where pretty much 95% of my ancestors are from. Lancashire. I was born in San Francisco, on the Pacific side. I grew up in the East Bay in the same house for 26 years (ahhh, the old days). Creativity has always been in my blood since I made my own arcade games out of my little brothers Huggies boxes. I received my BFA from the University of Utah, and spent several years in the graphic design world, specifically creating slot machine games. I've since learned an artist has a heck of a time supporting a family and am now in the health care industry.
     The Cheeky Daddy was a spin- off  idea from The Wife's blog title, The Cheeky Cafe. We may still collaborate in the future, but it really started as an daddy experience dump where I could jot down different aspects of being a father, husband, and guy. Experience dump, yeah that's it. As the blog progresses, people can expect the dad aspect for sure. I've been trying to also share practical guy experiences, my favorite recipes, all on top of dad experiences, advice, and so forth. The "cheeky" bit is there for the fun, as a tribute to time I spent in Great Britain.
     Currently, I think this is all about sharing experiences, networking with other dads, and filling in the gaps in between where they need to be. I look forward to seeing The Cheeky Daddy grow, change, and evolve as my children grow up. I look forward to the journey along the way.