Saturday, February 19, 2011

Equilibrium - Daddy's Movie Night

   So, everyone I know has either seen or heard of The Matrix. I remember the year it came out and the high I was on when it came out. The story was as amazing as the effects. Then, a few weeks back, a buddy of mine asked if I had ever seen Equilibrium. I, like most, had not. He queued up the movie and showed me the intro which set the scene of a post world war III society where emotion is suppressed by drug injections, and sensory crime is monitored by Clerics. He then showed me Gun Kata. Again amazed. I was then shown a single fight sequence, shown below (just over 2 minutes, but worth it):

   I finally watched the film today and LOVED it. Great story, great action. Daddy's movie night indeed.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Man Cave

   The concept of the man cave probably goes back to, well, the cave man. These days, it's a way to get back to your "dude roots". This past Super Bowl was spent up at my brothers place. His neighborhood was dotted with garage based man caves. I saw the full pool table and neon, and then the bar with stools and BBQ out on the driveway. It got me thinking about what kind I would have. I'd love an Irish Pub themed man cave. The guys on the DIY network pulled it off here. I'm have a major sweet tooth, so there would be a few root beers on tap for sure. Man Cave Essentials lists types of man caves here, and the list is a good one!
   Below are the ultimate man caves. They're severely themed, but who'd say no to either of them.

Images Courtesy of Oddee, 12 Coolest Man Caves

Images Courtesy of The Official Man Cave Site

   So that's my two cents on man caves. To each his own when planning a dream space, but we can all agree that we're together on this one, no matter how different our caves would be. What would your space look like?


Friday, February 11, 2011

My Welcoming Committee

   I was reading a post by Chase over at Father Apprentice which made me think of the following:

   My son has become my own personal welcoming committee as I get home each day. In fact, he's learned that when mom is on the phone, more times than not, she's on with dear old dad. I can hear the call of the brute, "AYE DADDA!", over and over again when ever she's on the phone and he's awake.
   So I come home from a long day, after a long week. I walk in the door, which he has super-hearing to pick up on. He comes hobbling in, "AYE DADDA! AYE DADDA!" My heart melts and I'm happy to be home. He's done a mix of greetings that include head butting my leg, wrapping his arms around my leg, resting his head on my should once I've picked him up, slapping my face with BOTH hands, and a few others. They all make me love the little guy that much more. I can't wait to leave for work some days, just so I can miss him and want to come home each day.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick Kids - What To Do?

   Oh, it's that time of the year all-right. Time to spread viruses and bacteria like the plague is coming back in style. My house is no exception and we're knee deep in tissues and vapor rub. I think that your child's illness is one of the worst things to witness. It started with my daughter saying, "Daddy, I don't want to brush my teeth or read a story. I just want to go to bed." Yeah, something was DEFINITELY up. So sick kid: check. Now, what to do.
   I stumbled across the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Simple, yet effective for getting your child's stomach back on track. However, my current situation is a nasty cough, fever, etc. So we go with the tried and true methods of parenting a sick child. Pillow, blanket, fluids and movies. My wife's favorite was Pete's Dragon, while I just remember watching a LOT of cartoons on television. It's about making them as comfortable as possible (and drugging them, when it's age appropriate). I know we all want to be there for our little ones as fathers. I spent extra time rubbing her legs, scratching her back, stroking her hair and such, all to make her more comfortable as she went to sleep. In the end, that's all we can do.


(pic via ourlifeinrewind)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iPhone - ATT vs Verizon

"A titan against a titan!" - Stygian Witch, Clash of the Titans

     Coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs Chevrolet, and so on. I haven't seen a pissing contest like this in awhile. As the iPhone is made available on the Verizon network, the commercials are getting good. One bags on the other's coverage for service. Another slams the inability to surf the net whilst talking on the phone. I mean, it takes me back to grade school with "Yo mama" jokes and suing each other as kids over standing on each other's property.
     Such as it is, it's entertaining. Like my decision between a Ford and Chevy, there are arguments for both sides. I've been an ATT customer since the Cingular purchase, and an iPhone user since the first generation. I have praise and complaint in the same breath. So welcome to my Verizon cousins. I wish us all happy talking, surfing, app-ing, etc.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Farmers Market

     We hit the local farmer market this weekend. It's still a habit in the making, but we're getting there. There are a few highlights that are bubbling to the surface in regards to our visits. First off, the organic selection makes shopping for fruits and veggies at the supermarket a thing of the past. It may not be year round, so we'll need to pay attention, but we can get most everything we eat right there. Second, it's been great to get to know the a few new local artists. The glass blower, the bead lady, etc. Third, there's a few things that help generate conversation with my daughter. There's a bird lady, who sells cages and some small parakeet type birds. There was also a guy selling earthworms. We spend around an hour hanging out, and then move onto the shops on the main drag.
     It's a really good time, so seek out your local farmers market. The Farmers Market Finder app from Apptika, Inc. here is a great place to start. I may add another link or two in the future, but go ahead and check out your local area. You'll be glad you did.


Friday, February 4, 2011

The Force - We All Want It

"I find your lack of faith disturbing." - Darth Vader

     You can't tell me that you've never felt like this kid. I stumbled across this Volkswagen commercial and laughed my tail end off. Then, I watched it again and again. We've all wanted the force at one point, and I KNOW we've all waved our hand across an automatic door wishing it truly was our mind that opened it.
     I'm also amazed at how much was conveyed with the body language, and NO words. This'll be my favorite for a LONG time.
     May the force be with you.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Keeping Your Baby Dry Overnight

     "And the rain descended, and the floods came..." - Matthew 7:25

     My wife and I are dealing with the issues of our son waking up each morning soaked neck to toe in his own pee. We have dispensed with the night time baths, as he ALWAYS needs one in the morning. We were a little lost at first, but met a couple at a park on day that recommended Huggies Overnights. They worked sporadically, so we implemented a new drink policy. We set a time to cut off his "bar tab", and did not give him any more juice or water after about 6p.m. That too has worked off and on, so we're needing to push the time a bit earlier and test it. It's tough when we either forget, or he's begging for refreshing beverage.
     I came across a decent thread here on Yahoo! Answers. There are some good ideas here. I wish everyone the best of luck. It takes time and patience. It's bad enough that he wakes up to a #2 each morning! Add a wet set of jammies to a morning dump, and you've got one unhappy customer at the start of each day.
     Smell 'ya later.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daddy Travels - I Ain't Sleeping Well

     I don't know about all the other papa bears out there, but I don't sleep well when I travel along. This post comes from a regional meeting, and I am sharing a room with a co-worker. Now, I used to be able to sleep anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE. I once had an apartment in England, where the mattress was so messed up, I slept on the floor with my duvet (comforter). I forgot the comforter in another city and ended up grabbing the curtains off the wall and sleeping in that until a few days later when I got my bedding back.
     These aren't the good old days. I've gotten used to my bed, sleeping next to my wife, and recently adopting a bedtime routine with the kids. What's more is that I miss them terribly. They drove me nuts up until the night before I left for this trip, and then I missed them by afternoon the next day. I think it's because we have a great little family, who loves to spend time together. It takes longer to get to sleep, and I wake up a lot through the night. Yet, we do this for a reason, and the reason is what we're missing. So it ends up being a necessary evil and a vicious circle.
     I take headphones on trips now, and listen to music to get me to sleep. It seems to help and that's all I need until these trips are over. I look forward to being reunited each time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I am so fond of them right now.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Angels and Airwaves - A Touching Moment

     A day or two ago, I was getting my daughter dressed for a day out with the family. The sun was coming in through her window, and I had her in my arms. We were swaying back and forth to Angels and Airwaves "Call To Arms", who by the way are totally cool. Most times she lets go fairly quickly, but this time, she held on and wasn't letting go. After a little bit, she pulled me closer and I grabbed her closer too. I was already having a "moment" when the lyrics came"

I'd like to say, that you're my only fear
And when I dream, it slowly disappears.
And when I wake, I'm right here by your side...
To feel your heart, beat in and out of time.

     I began to tear up it a bit. I was having a real moment with my little girl. The lyrics hit home because my little girl makes my fears go away. We listen to each others' hearts all the time. I just wanted to share the experience and let you all know that we can all have those moments, if we let them happen.