Friday, February 11, 2011

My Welcoming Committee

   I was reading a post by Chase over at Father Apprentice which made me think of the following:

   My son has become my own personal welcoming committee as I get home each day. In fact, he's learned that when mom is on the phone, more times than not, she's on with dear old dad. I can hear the call of the brute, "AYE DADDA!", over and over again when ever she's on the phone and he's awake.
   So I come home from a long day, after a long week. I walk in the door, which he has super-hearing to pick up on. He comes hobbling in, "AYE DADDA! AYE DADDA!" My heart melts and I'm happy to be home. He's done a mix of greetings that include head butting my leg, wrapping his arms around my leg, resting his head on my should once I've picked him up, slapping my face with BOTH hands, and a few others. They all make me love the little guy that much more. I can't wait to leave for work some days, just so I can miss him and want to come home each day.


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