Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Man Cave

   The concept of the man cave probably goes back to, well, the cave man. These days, it's a way to get back to your "dude roots". This past Super Bowl was spent up at my brothers place. His neighborhood was dotted with garage based man caves. I saw the full pool table and neon, and then the bar with stools and BBQ out on the driveway. It got me thinking about what kind I would have. I'd love an Irish Pub themed man cave. The guys on the DIY network pulled it off here. I'm have a major sweet tooth, so there would be a few root beers on tap for sure. Man Cave Essentials lists types of man caves here, and the list is a good one!
   Below are the ultimate man caves. They're severely themed, but who'd say no to either of them.

Images Courtesy of Oddee, 12 Coolest Man Caves

Images Courtesy of The Official Man Cave Site

   So that's my two cents on man caves. To each his own when planning a dream space, but we can all agree that we're together on this one, no matter how different our caves would be. What would your space look like?


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  1. I was interested in the DIY Mancave sweepstakes but saw this post and I am surprised by the size and expense of these “mancaves.” If I could design one it would be a theater too. I think that is the most common hobby of a lot of geek guys these days. I watch a lot of movies on my iPhone when I’m away from home so I don’t get use of my home theater much any more unless I’m with my family, and we go out for movies more often now. I use my DISH Network employee Slingbox to watch live or recorded TV, but now days I spend more time with my family when I’m home and watch TV when I’m gone.