Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day 2016

     Some time ago, I was looking for anything related to my grandmother singing at White Hall City, a big band concert hall in Ogden, Utah. The public library found me this article by chance, and I was blown away. It's regarding my grandfather's service, along with his brother, AND father who had already served in WWI.
     Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served. I'm grateful for our freedoms, and those who have dedicated their lives to providing it.


The article reads:

     "FAMILY AFFAIR...W. Frederick Schofield (above left) and A. Wayne Schofield (above right) brothers in the army air corps, have been followed by their father, Walter H. Schofield (at the side) a veteran sailor of the last war. He leaved Monday to join the fleet on the Pacific coast.

     Father Follow Youths Into Nation's Armed Services - Not to be outdone by his two sons, Walter H. Schofield, 41 of 875 Sixteenth, Saturday enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he served as quartermaster, second class, from 1918 to 1922. He is one of Ogden's veteran barbers.
     Mr. Schofield's two boys are in the army air corps. W. Frederick Schofield, 21, is a mechanic and is already serving his country in the Pacific area. A. Wayne Schofield, 19, is a pilot and plans to become a bombadier. He is at Moffatt field, Calif.
     The older boy is starting his third year in the service, and the younger one has been in the army air corp for a little more than a year. Mr. Schofield joined the navy through Ogden recruiting sub-station."

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Season 2 Announced!!!

   Hasbro Studios is powering up for season 2 of Transformers: Robots in Disguise on Cartoon Network. The studio has said, “Season two will bring back Bumblebee and his Autobots team for all new action-packed battles, fun-filled adventures and other humorous new characters with vibrant personalities that made season one a hit with kids." Robots in Disguise is set years after “Transformers: Prime,” starring the lovable Bumblebee character, summoned by Optimus Prime to lead in a fight to save Earth from a new faction of escaped Decepticon prisoners by assembling a rogue team of unlikely Autobot heroes to capture their new enemies. "Season two will see the return of a more confident, battle-tested Bumblebee as the leader of the Autobots, including his teammates Grimlock, Sideswipe, Strongarm, Fixit, Windblade and Drift. Protecting Earth becomes a mighty task as the team prepares to battle against menacing pairs of Cyclone Mini-Cons, who partner with Deployers to unleash the most powerful attacks and wreak even more destruction than ever." I can't think of a better protector of earth than the beloved Bumblebee character. Each episode is sure to deliver as they "continue to celebrate the continuous underlying themes of teamwork, companionship and the importance of standing up to wrongdoers."

   Transformers has been a part of my life since the 80's. My brothers and I watched each episode of the original series, and has most of the original die-cast toys. Bumblebee was always a favorite, through the more modern Hollywood depiction where he kicks some serious butt on screen. My son has a love for the "robots in disguise" and has always enjoyed watching the adventures of Bumblebee and his crew (we did a Transformers Conctruct-Bots review a while ago and had a blast!!!) The adventures appeal to both my 6YO son and my 10YO daughter who at one point declared that she wanted to marry either Optimus Prime or Bumblebee since they were so cute. That'd make for an interesting "father talk" to be sure!

   The series is well written, and the characters are easy to get in to. The animation is top-notch and makes me want to grab my paper and crayons to start drawing my favorite Autobots!!! Show times are TBD, so stay tuned and check Transformers: Robots in Disguise site for updates from Cartoon Netowork. You'll also find links to games, toys, videos, and apps that will keep the excitement alive until the first season 2 episode. 'Till then,......AUTOBOTS!!! ROLL OUT!!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Great Dane Outlives Expectations

   When we decided early in our marriage that our first child would be a Great Dane, we did our research. Along side them being gentle giants, we learned that an average lifespan would be 6-8 years. We met the mom and dad of the litter we got our first puppy from, and ended up with "the runt" as she was classified by our breeder. With a common expiration date on her life, we put a lot of effort into what she ate and how she lived to try to extend that. She ate a very clean and healthy diet, and I lifted her out of the SUV as much as I could to save her hips from the stereotypical demise. We ended up with our first baby lasting 10.5 years. I stumbled across the following video, and felt that warmth of our baby Dane's muzzle once more.

   I think we can sometimes believe too much of the press on any topic. While we had our "paws" firmly planted in reality, we also dreamed big. We felt a lot of our Dane's life would depend on our decisions for her. As we move onto other pets, the same rules apply, and we look for better ways to extend the lives of our additional family members. I think the lesson from the Pegasus video, and the life of our sweet Dane, is to not settle for the status quo, and show more effort. I've seen it deliver better results in the lives of pets, children, and a person's own self. Below is a tribute to our first pet, our "little girl", and a wonderful friend.

Miss you girl.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

For The Record - Keeping A Journal

"I've never managed to keep a journal longer than two weeks." - J. K. Rowling
   There's something to be said about the journal (or diary depending on your age). A record of one's daily life and events. To put down on paper, or on a computer, the things that are deemed the most impactful or important. From the boy or girl that might like you in grade school, to your own child that might have a boy or girl that they like in grade school, keeping a record is something that can pay back great dividends.
   My mother had us trying to keep a journal from when we could first put together coherent sentences on paper. In fact, I still have my journals, short as they are, from when I was 8 years old. I can recall the memories of first crushes, things I liked to do, and so forth. If you do not have the best memory, a journal can be a time machine for you and your loved ones. I have wished time and again that I had something of my grandfather's of the same last name. Having died a week after I was born, and a father that is not that open about him, I know next to nothing about him. A journal can provide so many things. We can get a glimpse into our ancestor's lives. We can capture the funny things our children have said (my favorite has been the way one of my kids have morphed "hand sanitizer" into "handitizer").
   With today's technology, we can choose to blog, or just keep the pen and paper handy. I kept a hand written journal years ago before switching to a typed computer file for each entry.  I know we can be more involved with capturing the moment with our cell phones rather than just "enjoying being in the moment". If I try, though, at the end of the day I can always take a few minutes to record the day's events. So, as we start 2016, I hope to get back to keeping a more diligent journal. A journal for myself, a blog for everyone else, and maybe some cross-over moments...
Happy New Year!