Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hasbro Transformer Construct-Bots Review and Giveaway!

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

   As a kid, I was a part of the Transformer movement. With the ongoing popularity of the autonomous robotic organisms, there's no end to the fun you can have with the movies, television programming and of course, the toys. Ahhhh, the toys. My brothers and I had a bin full of the original 80's merchandise, and I cry into my root beer every time I think about my mother getting rid of them once we all got older. I've been fortunate to partner with Hasbro to review some of their product lines that include the recently launched Transformers Construct-Bots

   My older two watch and love some of the new cartoons, so when they heard about the new Construct Bots, there was excitement in the air. We opened Ironhide: Transformer Construct-Bot Scout Class (retail price $9.99) and Soundwave: Transformer Construct-Bot Elite Class (retail price $14.99). Each came with a number of pieces, much like a puzzle to put together. The kids loved the construct portion. The toys are recommended for ages 6 and up, but with a little help from his old man, my 'Lil Man at 4 years old had a great time with it. In typical child fashion, we had to backtrack a few times when there was an arm where a leg went. That's just good old fashioned enthusiasm. There was much discussion about who was on which side of the fight, where did the Transformers come from, and so on. The kids were pleasantly surprised at how bit the toys ended up being upon completion. We had fun playing with the characters in robot form, though for the mechanically disinclined, converting them to their auto form is a bit more tricky, even for the old man. 

   In the end, what I liked best about the event was the interaction I had with my older two. I think it is a lesson in anything we gift out children. With the holidays upon us, we can apply this lesson to anything we give our children. Get involved. I think we had some music on quiet in the background, but for the most part, we sat at the table for close to an hour just being together. We talked Transformers, we joked about a number of other things, and had an overall great time. Seeing as both my son AND daughter had a great time with the project, I can recommend these for any child that shows interest in building things and might love the lore of the Transformer. Just be ready for lots of sound effects during the building process. "Rat-at-at.....phew! Ker-bang!!!!"

   On that note, let's do a giveaway!!! This giveaway is for a Transformers Construct-Bots Triple Changer Set. Enter below and good luck!


 The Details: Promotion open to U.S. residents ages 18+, void where prohibited. Winner will be chosen at random on, about, or after December 4, 2013, and will be notified via email to obtain their shipping address. If no response within 24 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen. Shipping address must be a street address - no P.O. Boxes. Prize provided by Hasbro Gaming and delivered by The Cheeky Daddy. Not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. One shall win, one shall fall. Autobots,....roll out. 

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hasbro, practically another member of the Cheeky family with how long they've been in our home. All opinions are that of The Cheeky Daddy, Jason Swann. 


  1. Optimus Prime is a favorite

  2. Our favorite Transformer is Arcee

  3. My favorite is the autobot leader, Optimus Prime.

    1. My daughter once stated that she wanted to marry Optimus Prime. She was around 6 at the time, but still....good or bad?

  4. Replies
    1. Bumble Bee rocks. I remember giggling when the newer first movie came out and the air freshener in the first version of Bumble Bee read "Bee-otch". Still makes me grin.

  5. Thanks to those who entered the giveaway. Our winner is Julie,.....this time. Hasbro is working on more promotions and giveaways, so be on the lookout!