Friday, November 29, 2013

Wood Pallets Added Variety To Our Lives

“Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour.” ― William Cowper

   When The Wife and I first started collecting old discarded wood pallets, we just looked at them all as uniformly delicious in their worn and distressed look. Our first several pieces were nearly untouched in preparation for their new life. Each board had been aged to perfection. The effect ended up being a double edged sword. True, our first several pieces were similar in their base look and feel. We couldn't have been more happy with the result. As soon as the supply ran out though, it was time to acquire a new collection of pallets to re-purpose. This is where the story takes an interesting turn.

   Each wood pallet has its own life. We noticed this immediately upon our fresh new supply of materials. Our next round of projects began with re-purposed pallet wood that was,....well,....not that old. It presented a momentary dilemma that got us talking about a solution. We researched some ideas and tried out some methods to "age" the wood. After some good results, we had a new perspective for our materials coming from anywhere, in any condition. 

   I think the analogy could be used in a lot of areas of life. As we try to encourage our children to make new friends, try new foods, and so forth, variety is essential. Now when it comes to the making of a favorite dish, I want no deviation in its taste, but that's different. In this case it's obvious I'm talking about variety being a good thing. Through a lesson learned, our decor pieces have gained variety and we've been introduced to new avenues for us to explore. We can all benefit from a little variety in our lives. Add some spice to yours. 


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