Sunday, December 1, 2013

Craft Show Consequences

"Consequences, consequences, long as I'm rich." - Daffy Duck, Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island

   Some of you may know that The Wife and I have been slowly trying to build a little side business that consists of re-purposed pallet art and all manner of holiday craft type stuff. in the beginning, we didn't really know what it would turn into, but were willing to make the effort and try. We had always wondered what would become of our family life once we got going. There was concern that we might get way to into our new venture, and the kids would feel the affect of that. The last thing either of us wanted going into it was to lose that time we love to spend with our little ones.

   So with our evenings spent watching the kids play out front anyway, we stared in on our projects. The result was that we were around and available all while working on our stuff. The stuff that required more attention was done after the wee ones were in bed. Something we saw in our children as a bonus, was their desire to create even more. It was apparent that. They were seeing us hat d at work and they wanted in on the action. We're around so much that when today's inaugural craft show came up, the kids we're super excited to spend the day at their neighbor friend's place.

   So, the craft show consequences are not the detriment to the family that we thought they would be. We've been able to stay an engaged family, spend quality time outdoors with the kids, and as a couple we are realizing a dreams to find something we like to do together that might bring in a few extra bucks. It took a long time to get off the ground, being fearful of inexperience. Now we wonder why we took so long to get this far. It's certainly taught us lesson in doing verses putting things off. I hope we can all learn that lesson sooner rather than later.


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