Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Daughter's First Kiss

"When my daughter starts dating, I plan on sitting there cleaning my shotgun when the boy shows up. I'll just smile and say, 'Oh, don't worry about this. My gun only works after 9pm.'" - Family Friend
   Hey guys,.....it happened. My 'Lil Miss had her first kiss. I'm slightly numb here. I'm torn between being excited along side her, and polishing my shotgun in preparation. Let's create a baseline by telling the world that my first kiss was when I was 4 years old at my own birthday party, in the shoe closet with my friend Kami. No big deal, but I knew what it was, that we wanted to kiss, and then life went on as though nothing happened. So, now let's bring you up to speed.
   I was putting my 'Lil Miss to bed late last week and we were chatting like we do. I asked who she played with at school that day and she gave me the basics, ending with something about "my lips tingled." I asked her to repeat herself and she explained that her and a friend were laying on the grass that paralleled the blacktop where the boys play handball. The two girls had their eyes closed when my girl felt a "tingle" on her lips. She opened her eyes and looked around to see her crush running back to the handball game. She jumped up and ran over, quietly asking him, "Did you just kiss me?" He replied with an incredulous "no!", before looking down and whispering "yes". When my 'Lil Miss finished her story she blushed and hid under her covers. I wanted to hide under mine for a minute.

   I had multiple feelings, but kept my wits about me so that she'd open up more. I showed interest, amazement, and curiosity. I know she really likes this boy, so I didn't want to embarrass. It was obviously a kiss and run situation, so I didn't panic. I mean, if she was busted making out under the slide, I'd be writing a different post. This is more initial reaction. She's my firstborn, and therefore my first experience with a great many things. I know the boy's parents fairly well, and chose not so say anything so I didn't throw the brave little boy under the bus. I also told my daughter NOT to tell any of her girl classmates, since many of them like this boy too. I've already heard some jealous behavior in the previous weeks. So the event was navigated with grace and elegance as a parent, and something similar by my little girl. It's been several days and I'm still in a bit of a daze over the whole thing. Am I in for it? Someone tell me I'll be okay.


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