Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Makes A Good Dad?

"What the hell did I know about raising little boys?" - The Cheeky Grandpa

   The quote above came from my father, when I asked why he never brushed MY hair, like he was doing with my half sister during a phone conversation. My father tried, in his own way, to make a difference. Recently I've been hearing The Wife say, "You're such a good daddy." I immediately feel inadequate and wonder, what makes a good dad? 

   I know it's all in the effort. Do we try our best? Do we give selflessly? The biggest hurdle I've faced is learning from mistakes and becoming a better father each passing day. When I bark, it ruins the progress I've made and I feel like I'm back to square one. When I listen to my conscience telling me to slow down and use a calm voice mixed with more patience, I accomplish more. I've been pushing to take more of the quality time that all my elders are admonishing me to take. Enough people close to me have stated that it was all over too quickly, that I've taken notice. I remember my two years as a missionary in England being labeled the same way. "Work hard, 'cuz it's over in a blink." Boy, was it ever. With that experience, an concerted effort to make time, take time, and enjoy that time is the name of the game. 

   I don't have a list here. More than that, I wanted to post the question and hopefully spark a brief thought that might lead to a board game, a bedtime story, or any other act that may have not occurred. I believe that anyone reading this is probably the type that wants to be a better parent. That's where it starts. Let us dads put our all into our families,.......... 'cuz it's over in a blink. 


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