Friday, December 6, 2013

The Friday Flush #11

The Friday Flush #11

   At the end of another week, I'm actually quite thrilled to share some stuff for The Friday Flush #11. As time passes, hopefully I'm being productive, but for certain there are others who have been. These are some must see links, and I'm happy to pay it forward. In this flush we see a satirical look at our need for the latest gadgetry, see how the latest gadgetry can bring joy to others, and end with a pretty cool piece of gadgetry. Sound like a theme? It wasn't intended that way. 

As an owner of the iPhone since the 1st generation, I've been a loyalist ever since. I've owned three Apple computers (4 if you include the old desktop my brother insisted we have back in the late 80's). There have been many parodies making fun of the "dyed in the wool" Apple fan, and I've thought most were down right funny. Occasionally my feathers were ruffled, but only because the point hit to close to the mark. I stumbled across the animated short called iDiots, by the crew at Big Lazy Robot VFX. The animation is so good, that I thought at first they had worked super hard with real windup robots. Not the case. Check it out. 

The Screen Machine
I really enjoy all things Scotland. Ever since Scooby-Doo's A Highland Fling with a Monstrous Thing, I was hooked. I spent some time in England, and found the Scottish to be fun people. So when anything good comes out of the land of the kilt, I'm all eyes and ears. In another Vimeo video named The Screen Machine, Scotland's mobile cinema makes its rounds to the islands of Coll and Tiree. The concept is cool, the technology whisks people away, and the recipients couldn't be more grateful. Like the wee lass says at the end, I'd love to get one of these to park on the side of my house. It'd be a party at The Cheeky House every weekend. 

The Copenhagen Wheel
Whoever thought you could reinvent the wheel? The folks at MIT have been working on the Copenhagen Wheel with the city of Copenhagen for a while and are close to bringing it to the masses. There is a motor, sensors, replaceable battery, embedded control system, and wireless connectivity. Yup, there's an app for that. The thing learns from your cycling habits and helps you when you need it most, kicking in at the right times to make you eco-friendly commute that much easier. After checking out the video, and understanding how the technology works, I'm wondering when I can get my hands on one of these. It would have made my time in England a lot more productive!

So there you have it. Gadgets for The Friday Flush #11. We've seen how we're a slave to the new, how we can embrace the new, and how the new can take us places we never knew we could go. All my best. 


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