Monday, June 25, 2012

Disney/Pixar's Brave Review

"If you had your chance to change your fate, would you?"   - Merida

     My family went to see Disney/Pixar's new animated film "Brave" on Saturday. To add to the hype, we went to Disneyland the day before. At the park, we stood in line to meet Merida, which was the coolest for our 'Lil Miss. She got to meet the Scottish princess and then shoot a bow and arrow. The next day the anticipation was great. I had been waiting for this movie to premier since I heard it was a concept. It's been on my mind for the past year. My patience paid off on Saturday with the viewing a long time in the making. I personally enjoyed the story, followed by the beautiful music and even more breath-taking scenery. I loved the mother/daughter relationship that is explored and thought the comedy was well timed. The commentary that the story is not original did not detract from my experience, nor that of my two little 'uns.
     I couldn't say it any better than the Upcoming Pixar Blog. I couldn't say it any better than they did. I've noticed that the marketing for the film has been great, with plenty of merchendise to grab. I'll be picking up a doll and some story books for sure. I give it five out of five stars, as I wasn't left wanting for anything. I downloaded the soundtrack the next day, if that says anything. Enjoy!


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