Thursday, April 24, 2014

Carrying The Sleeping Kids In From The Car

Good Guy Greg,
Knows his kids are pretending to sleep in the back seat.
Carries them inside anyway. 

   I saw this meme on Reddit and thought of my father when I was a kid, and now me as a father of three (NOT the weed bit,....that's just the meme, for better or for worse). Back when I was a little tike, I pulled the same trick on my father. It would be the end of a long drive at night, back from some family event. I was never able to sleep in the car, but was never "awake" by the time we rolled into the driveway. My father would always pick me up and take me up to my bed before my mother would help us get our pajamas on. There were four of us boys, and sometimes he would shuttle more than one of us in at the end of a trip. In that, my dad was a Good Guy Greg.

    Now that I'm a proud papa of three, my 4YO 'Lil Man is currently faking sleep when we pull into the driveway after an evening out. If the 'Lil Miss is looking tired, I'll carry her too. I feel like I have been passed the torch of fatherhood and I get a bit of the warm fuzzies when I think I get to do something for my children that my father did for his. We loved it and it endeared him to us is some small part. I feel that our little ones will remember that dad carried them in, even if they were just faking the sleep.

   When I think of the choice we make as parents to have children, I know we've chosen a life of sacrifice. We've accepted that our lives will change and giving will take up the better part of our lives from day one of NO SLEEP! The rewards are immeasurable, despite the hard times that go hand in hand with being a parent. I try to remember to be open to the fun and memorable experiences of being a father. My hope is that our little ones will pass on the traditions to their children one day.


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