Friday, December 5, 2014

The Friday Flush #15

The Friday Flush #15

This week's "Flush" brings you some good old fashioned in-flight entertainment. I find that getting lost in a good video now and again can give a needed break from the norm. Whether it's a good solid hit from a football game, the birth of a hand-made Damascus steel knife, or some dang good animation, I look forward to some me time on the net.

The "Snot Bubbler"
Back when I was playing high school football, my JV coach, Coach Larry Brown, referred to the "snot bubbler" hit. When I asked what exactly that was, he replied with force "IT'S WHEN 'YER HIT SO DANG HARD, SNOT BUBBLES OUT'CHER NOSE!" I was still just starting my term as a running back at that time, so I had no first hand experience. Until I did. Yes, one game I was hit head on, and I was NOT expecting it. As I stared up at the famed "Friday night lights" from my back, I tasted it. I had been issued a "snot bubbler" hit, and the snot was running out of my nose, over my top lip, and into my mouth. I stumbled across this massive hit recently that brought the memory back. Despite not enjoying BEING hit, I won't say no to seeing a good "snot bubbler".

Damascus Steel Knife Making
There's something about handmade wares that make us feel connected to the final product. I saw a link to The Birth Of A Tool. Part III. Damascus Steel Knife Making (by John Neeman Tools). The link said it was "oddly peaceful", and I was curious. The music is from the band Foreign Fields and fits the film perfectly. One of the comments stated, "The film is as beautifully made as the tool." I would have to agree. I remember my father taking us four boys to the state fair as kids and making us watch the blacksmith make horseshoes for almost an hour. The boredom nearly killed us. Damascus Steel is 7 minutes long and I couldn't get enough.

I'm a sucker for animation. It's been that way since Saturday morning cartoons. So when a well animated piece with a good story comes along, I'm all in. I give you JohnnyExpress by AlfredImageWorks on Vimeo. It's a cute story about a outer space delivery man. A fun way to kill 5 minutes, the claymation style is fun visually, and the sound effects add to the delivery. I wish I had the time and the talent to explore some of the fun stories floating around in my head. Maybe one day. Until then, we have some great story tellers and animators around us, that can give us some much needed entertainment. Hats off guys.

So there you have it. Big hits, better blades, and bubbly animation. Happy Friday all.


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