Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Loss Reveals A Hero

Dad - A son's first hero.
   Super Bowl XLVIII turned out to be a little one sided. It was clear the Seattle Seahawks were going to dominate fairly early on. Things went from bad to worse for the Denver Broncos, losing the game 43-8 in the end. I think we all overlook the human aspect to winning and losing. While the Seahawks were celebrating, the camera caught the odd Bronco player, sitting in defeat on their sideline. It makes me wonder what they're thinking, and how they're handling it.
   Yahoo! Posted a touching story that answered the question. Denver's Shaun Phillips sent his son a message, "Sorry I let you down." The boy's reply puts everything into perspective. "It's okay daddy u r still my hero", was his reply. As I read the brief exchange, my heart was touched. I can only imagine the feelings that follow that kind of win, or loss. To be a part of a team that made it that far must be incredibly impactful. Children have a way of dwarfing that, and this message from a son to his father encapsulates this.
   We as fathers all know the rock star feeling of coming home to kids screaming "Daddy!!!" Let us earn the title of hero. We can be there more, spend more time, speak more kindly, teach more skill, and the like. There comes a day when we realized our fathers are human. I think we can still be heroes, if we focus on what is most important. That is my challenge to us all. While I can't get a t-shirt made up for all the dads in the world, we can all still put forth the effort that will gain us the title. Hero dad out.

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  1. Great post! Nothing better than coming home to a son that is happy to see me. Makes me feel like a million bucks and reminds me that, after working all day, the most important part of my day has just started!