Monday, January 27, 2014


   Construction and destruction. Isn't that the essence of a young boy? Maybe it's just my little ones. I remember building block castles, only to tear them down with the latest giant robotic terror. Things haven't changed my in a generation. Just after a cute block castle is built, there's a mini-monster right near by to wreak havoc. The mayhem is usually accompanied by unique sound effects. This is why I'm so happy today's toymaker has answered the call, and provided our young ones an outlet for all that energy.

   The Cheeky Daddy has partnered with Hasbro, and was able to review the ANGRY BIRDS GO! TELEPODS PIG ROCK RACEWAY (retail price $29.99). This is a game that combines the competitive nature of the racer with the need for destruction of the smash derby enthusiast. We cracked open the box, and followed the easy instructions to get the track set up. Once complete, the set is solid, and holds up nicely,......except this is Angry Birds! We don't play nice here! My older two fell right into the sibling rivalry, and the competition began. The races were close, as the "go" shooting mechanisms responded well to their little hands. The cars are on quality wheels, so each vehicle FLEW down the track. The mechanism toward the end almost seemed like a decoration though, as the cars ended the race so fast, it was kind of redundant to be there. Though, you knew EXACTLY who won, as just before the end of the track, the car in the lead shifts a lever that kicks the other car off the track. OH, the fun the kids had with that.

   The game was fun because we all played together, then just my 'Lil Man played by himself with the two cars. Games and toys can come and go, but the ANGRY BIRDS GO! TELEPODS PIG ROCK RACEWAY is one that's already lasted. When we feel the "need for speed", we break out the track and get our race on. I recommend it as a gift to anyone with kids. Heck, I even raced The Wife a couple of times. It's recommended for ages 5 and up, but our 'Lil Man just turned 4 and is handling it great. What's even more fun, is you can use the cars in the Angry Birds Go app. The kids have fun with the mobile devices as well. That's a bit of a "duh" statement.

   So happy racing and remember what Bob Wiley said to the groundhog in Groundhog Day. "Don't drive angry. DON'T drive angry." Who's he kidding. This is Angry Birds!


FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hasbro, practically another member of the Cheeky family with how long they've been in our home. We received the ANGRY BIRDS GO! TELEPODS PIG ROCK RACEWAY to review. All opinions are that of The Cheeky Daddy, Jason Swann. 

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