Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Friday Flush #13

The Friday Flush #13

   Oh, it's been a week. My line of work is a double edged sword of trying to get deals signed and clients that want to do anything but that. As a father and husband, the pressure is on to deliver. So this week ends with the hope of a little luck, some favorite holiday web toons, and some random goodness. 

The Number 13
   I remember the concept of bad luck being taught early in life. Then I was assigned the number 13 when I was in grade school. It was used to identify each student for assignments and such. It became a part of my identity. This is whey I choose the numbers 7 and 13 for most anything (no, not my ATM pin). I thought a bit about lucky numbers, why we pick them, what they really mean, and so forth. I found a piece in Psychology Today that discuss 7 reason why I might like the number 7. Beyond that, I didn't find much else that explained why we pick lucky numbers, and what reasons we have for picking them.

Spider Doing The Salsa
   I swear, if I ever woke up and saw a spider doing this on my leg, I'd straight up freak out. You really need to see this to believe it. I was skeptical like always, but hit pay dirt. I give you the salsa dancing spider. It started and I thought, meh, big deal. Just wait for it. It made me think back on all the advances in robotics, and the strides made. I also thought again on how these advances will be useful in the practical world. We're still far off from The Matrix, but I'm still wondering where all the money and research is going. In the mean time, let's watch a dancing spider. Commercial
   Recently in a physician waiting room, I heard this commercial start and was glued. I prayed that the person I had an appointment with didn't come to get me too soon, because I began to tear up from the laughter I was holding in. I love Superbowl commercials as much as the next dude, and this one is on that level for me. It's one of the latest commercials from While it's universal, the delivery just feels like it relates to guys. Just watch it, you'll be glad you did. The Wife told me it was "Cheeky Daddy humor". It's freaking funny. That's all I need to know.

   Thus we end another glorious week. We've found our lucky number, have been entertained by a Latino arachnid, and were dazzled by one of online's new search sites. I wish you well, and welcome some fun commentary.


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