Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banana Nut Bread

"Mommy, can I help you make balana bread?" - 'Lil Miss

   It's inevitable that our little ones will want to help us out at some point. Heck, 'Lil Man at 18 months is wanting to help with the hammer, matches, etc. This past weekend, the bananas had become sufficiently mushy, and banana nut bread was on the To Do list. It's been a small dream of The Wife to do a little baking with 'Lil Miss. This was her first real chance. She's helped with "pouring" things in with a lot of help. This time she mashed bananas, and mixed like none other.
   The result was a nice piece of warm banana nut bread as a treat before bed time. It was clear that the treat was THAT much sweeter from the work she put into it. That's the point isn't it? Teaching the value of a little work. Her arms were tired after the mushing and stirring. Yet, she saw the work that went into it, and appreciated the end result. It was fun seeing the process play out.
   Having toasted banana nut bread for the mornings to come wasn't bad either.


Our Recipe (just in case):

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