Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun With Facial Hair

   "There are two kinds of people in this world that go around beardless — boys and women — and I am neither one" - Greek Saying

    I've sported a goatee for some time now. So long, in fact that when I get a little annoyed with its length and shorten it up, the kids don't recognize me at a first glance. 'Lil Miss looks at me sideways with a scrunched up face, and 'Lil Man just stares at me blankly. It DOES give me a chance to relive the old days that I experience with my father.
   He would start with a full beard. Then he would methodically shave a piece off at at time, working his way down in looks. Lambchops, then goatee. Fu Manchu, then porn star. He'd inevitably end it all with the Hitler look. It was all done with the sons present, 'cuz it was fun to see him in all those states.
   I dropped this gem on you guys, 'cuz it was something I did with MY father. Now it's something I do with my little guys. A fun way to play with our looks and mess with their heads. Sure, "You look better with your beard." is always a compliment to how I look normally. However, I cherish any time I can spend with my kids, making them laugh, even if it's from me looking like a trucker or hated dictator.

Give 'er a try.



  1. My daughter didn't want me to shave...or dye it blue. Hmmph. She didn't say anything about muttonchops, though :)

    P.S.: What's the word? You hear some news of the life-altering sort?

  2. Just tell em you're a Master of Disguise...