Friday, April 29, 2011

Vitamin D Anyone?

   Summer time is fast approaching, and we're getting into gear. We've got swim suits, flip flops, sand toys, sunscreen, and so on.This past week has found us at the park and friends house with one of the biggest front lawn blow-up water slides I've ever seen. Granted, the slide left cuts, scrapes and bruises on my kids that had me looking over my shoulder for child services. Besides that, good times. We purchased our own sand toy kit, since many of the children we've encountered are slightly possessive (to put it mildly). Of course the first day we use them, no less than ALL the kids at the park come over and want to play with them. We just kept an eye on our stuff, oh, and I put our last name on EACH piece in big, bold Sharpie pen.
   So as we approach the time of sunshine, warmth, and no school, I hope you're all gearing up too. We're planning day trips to the beach, Saturday morning canoe trips with 'Lil Miss, and the odd AAA baseball game nearby. Let me know what you're up too, it may give some ideas.
   If you need some inspiration, here's Summertime from Will Smith:



  1. Good plan, bro. Soak it all up, enjoy the warmth :)

    We could all use some of that!

  2. I love the sunshine. Not much of it here, but we are headed to the islands in a couple weeks. much needed vaca.