Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lil Gal's Crop Circles

"Could crop-circles be the work of a cereal killer?" - Steven Wright

   So Lil Gal has been creating what I call her "crop circles" for some time now. It started with lining up blocks in order of size. Then it was book lined up in order of size. Soon after it was a mix of blocks, books, dolls, stuffed animals and so on. At first I was just a father looking on admiringly. The last half dozen have made me want to start documenting them. It feels like Close Encounter of the Third kind, "This means something! This is important!" Notice the time taken to arrange the items picture by plant type. Leaves (green), sticks (brown), flower petals (pink). It's as if she's setting up a landing strip, for VERY small aliens.
   In a time where creative programs, arts, and music are being swept under the rug to save money for other things, I want these "crop circles" to go on as long as they can. In fact, lil gal and I are using found bits of nature to make us a fairy house (post to come). I'm trying to keep the creative side working hard as she is starting to be taught the organized side of math and writing. It's all about balance, yeah?
   At the very least, she'll continue to keep me guessing. Just what do they mean?


Great parody of Close Encounters (10 min.)


  1. That is great. Yes, you must continue to foster that creativity.

    If you ever find out, then move on to figure out the big versions, in the wheat fields. Those are truly bizarre.

  2. My kids did similar things when they were toddlers. I still don't know what it means. If it makes you feel better though they are now both teenagers and there's nothing wrong with them except they're both generally brats, although not hardcore brats.
    Yeah. I guess I should have kept this to myself, eh?