Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dads and Donuts

"We'll get him a doughnut."
"He likes jelly."
"[to HOSEHEAD] Jelly doughnut comin." - Strange Brew

   One of my favorite weekend treats, is to head to the local bakery in the morning and score me and the kids some fresh baked donuts. While I try to maintain "it's for the kids", it's certainly to get my fix as well. Little gal's favorite used to be ANYTHING with sprinkles. Lately she's trying out some raised glazed and such.
   I've noticed many of the other dad blogs are hovering around the same message. Take the time to spend with your kids. I try not to rush us out of the store. I take the long route to get there and play some of our (my) favorite songs along the way (Barroom Hero, below). I try to go out of my way to have conversation with my little gal, even little brother. It's taking the time. Take it, you'll be glad you did.
I asked little gal: The most important thing about going to get donuts?
Her response: "Don't forget to bring little brother."



I leave you with my Saturday morn' donut run anthem:

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