Friday, May 27, 2011

Epic Laziness

"What is it with flat blocks and trollies?" - Jim, 28 Days Later

   So the image above was a recent experience in the parking lot of a nameless "low price leader" store. The Wife observed the stereotypical lazy citizen, put a shopping cart (trolly) from the back of his SUV to the curb next to him. He refused to walk the cart the extra 10 feet to the actual "cart return". Epic laziness. 'Nuff said.
   Please don't tell me "that's what those people are paid to do" or I'll just start pushing my trash out the front door. Let's not get into how our bathroon habits would change. I think it's sufficient to say that I'd hoped more from ourselves. The Wife told me the story of a guy she dated briefly. They were sitting in a parking lot while he finished his bag of McDinner. Once finished, he took one last sip of drink, opened his car door, and pushed all trash out onto the ground before closing the door and driving off. Are we that lazy? I'm doing a self check. I recommend we all do. Self, then kids, then pets, etc.


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  1. That's pathetic, and a sign of what's wrong with our society.