Friday, June 3, 2011

Prednisone - Why I'm Up So Early

"Early to bed, early to rise,.....and Prednisone, will make you healthy, wealthy, an insomniac, etc." - Me

   I'm an 8 hours of sleep kind of guy. So when I was put on Prednisone recently for GI and Kidney inflammation, things changed. I was on it for about a month a couple of years ago, so I knew more of what to expect this time around (first time was tough, as I didn't now at ALL what side effects to expect).
   So far, in the last week, I'm eating like a horse. I'm also Project Man, as I feel like I'm on a triple espresso, 24 hours a day. I can't get to sleep at night, and then am awake around 5a.m. each morning wondering if I should just get the hell up and do something. So here I sit, surfing dad blogs and maintaining this bad boy.
   To be fair to The Wife, one of the side effects is difficulty controlling emotions. That's a hard one for guys to admit when we DON'T have a drug to blame, yeah? I go from easy going to mad, and back again, really fast. It's tough to notice and control. I guess admitting it is the first step. I'm only on this for another three weeks, and I'll miss Project Man. I won't miss insomnia.


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  1. Wishing you some peace and calm while sailing that steroid sea. Remember to stake some time to just breathe, and use those Hubble images as a centering device.

    Gravity is important, but love has its own hold on the universe :)

    Thanks, man, and keep me posted on how things work out for you.