Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Even Superheros Need Love

Even superheros need love. 

   My 'Lil Man loves to be the bruiser. He's the first wrestle with me, the first into pretend skirmishes, and puts up one of the best manly fronts I've seen in a guy, young or old. It's that way, right up until it's not. It's incredible to see how fast our little ones go from a poker face, to a teary one. My older two, like most I've noticed, try to put on the bravest face possible. "I'm not tired." That's my favorite. It becomes historic when said through the tears of a tired and worn out child. 
   As I see my wee ones navigate their little lives in preparation for their big ones, I help, teach, and nurture along the way. I was at a mechanic recently, and took my two oldest along for the ride. I was on my tablet, typing away, when I looked down and saw my 'Lil Man holding onto my arm (pictured above). Given the shirt he was wearing that day, I thought, "Even superheros need love." They do, and they need it from you. Moms and dads alike.  

   I leave you withe The Superman Song, by the Crash Test Dummies. As it says towards the end, "Sometimes when Supe was stopping crimes, I'll bet that he was tempted to just quit and turn his back,.." Teach your little ones to press on, with you along the way to offer your arm if needed.

Stay strong,....super strong. 


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