Wednesday, June 5, 2013

30 Dads, 30 Days - Pondering Different Persona On Life of Dad Interview

"There's the private persona and the public persona and the two shall never meet." - Liev Schreiber

   I'm honored to be a part of Life of Dad's 30 Dads, 30 Days. This the dad community that brought you the hilarious and fun Cheetos Mix-Ups Art Contest. This has been a fun way to meet dad bloggers in our online community and have a little fun along the way. The questions were thought provoking and got me to thinking about the many persona that we have in each of our lives. 
   I was listening to NPR and there was a segment on the many persona that we carry in our various real life and online communities. It was discussed that we represent ourselves differently amongst family, friends, and our online relations. It was even pointed out that we represent ourselves differently from one social media platform to another. I thought this was ridiculous until I really thought about it and found myself agreeing completely. I blog in a way that represents me as a father. I Tweet in a way that tries to be funny in small sound bytes. I post in Instagram that tries to show me as pensive and thoughtful. 

   As I thought about what I was typing for the Life of Dad highlight, I tried to remain true to who I really thought I was. A father, trying to be funny, while enlisting his thoughtful side. Mission accomplished? Or perhaps, I've just carved out another persona. You be the judge. Check it out at Life of Dad


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