Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog Clog - A New Name For An Old Problem

“Writing is hard. Not as hard as not writing.
 Not writing is torturous, bloody, chaotic and a gruesome winless battle.
 A writer who writes, knows peace, lives connected to truth.
 Not writing is ache, betrayal, death of the soul and imagination.”
 - Coco J. Ginger

   One evening, The Wife and I were sitting next to each other, doing the Internet thing. She was working on some projects, and I was trying to think of what to write next. While there are a million topics to pick from, it's hard to single in on the one that inspires you to write. She sensed that I was having trouble deciding on what to write and asked, "Blog Clog?" 

Blog Clog - /blôg - kläg/
Noun - The inability for a blog writer to unclog the massive amount of ideas that amount to no new entries. 

   Now that we've given a new name for an old problem, how do we combat it? I've seen some great posts and articles about how to beat writer's block of any kind. Below are a few that might help. 

- Dad Blunders has a great post titled Blogging Basic - You Must Write, all about how to keep writing and finding your voice. 
- Dukeo has a great post that are Six Very Official Ways To Improve Your Writing. I think each tip is a great way to also determine which post might be your "next best thing."
- Social Media Explorer has a great Overcoming Writer's Block article. Tip #6 & 7 are key for me. Using stories makes it personal and more interesting in my opinion. Also the idea of "just write" makes sense. It helps to get out the crap, so you can get to the good stuff that you'll actually post. 

   I hope this helps, if for no other reason than being able to finally call the difficulty of getting a post out by name. Drop a line if you ever get "blog clog" and we can figure out how to get out of it together. Happy writing!



  1. As a new blogger, I feel like I can write about almost anything since I have yet to write about it yet. But at the same time, there are so many things, and so little time, where do I start. I have about 30 drafts because I start and then decide I want to do something else. :) I can identify with blog clog. Unfortunately, I have no amazing cure to offer you, if you find the perfect one, let me know!

    I found your blog via the UBP13, I have been going back through finding people to connect with that I missed the first time, you can find me at

    Nice to meet you

  2. While there's no cure, it seems like paying no attention to the "clog" helps. Just keep writing. Documenting experiences and writing them as though I'm in a conversation with a friend keeps it flowing and real. Now let's see how long that lasts.