Monday, May 6, 2013

Cheetos Mix-Ups Art Contest @ChesterCheetah

"It ain't easy, bein' cheesy." Chester, Cheetos

   I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to get lost in a creative project. The Cheetos Mix-Ups Art Contest that came long via the Life of Dad blog was one of those opportunities. I'm sure there are plenty of contest every month, but this one involved food! Who wouldn't love the opportunity to make art out of a snack food? I was shipped out a bag of the Cheetos Mix-Ups, Cheesy Salsa Mix, to get me started. Then the fun began.
   It was a hoot deciding on what to create. I then had to account for time and resources. I didn't want to run out of the tasty snack! I got Chester, the Cheetos mascot, sketched out on a piece of black poster board and got to work. It was a nice to get lost in a project just for me. There's a lot on our plate as parents, and our kids demand a lot of our time. I think it's important that we take a few minutes for ourselves. Granted, my older two were playing out front, and my Wee Lass was in her bouncer about 10 feet from me, but I'll take what I can get.
   A residual effect of the project was seeing the interest and creativity that was sparked in my older two. They would ride their bikes or scooters up into the garage to see what I was up to. They had a neighbor friend with them. They'd ask questions about what I was doing, why I was using food, were there lots of people in the contest, etc. They asked about doing something similar, so we might be doing a project like that at the kitchen table soon. I'm thinking dry pasta, dry beans, etc. At one point, the neighbor friend confidently stated, "You're going to WIN that contest!" It was cute to have my own little fan club. Their imaginations are more active than even mine, so I try to pay attention.
   It was a fun project, with opportunities to make new friends in the blog world. It was a way to connect with other people, my own children, and even try a new Cheetos snack. The Cheesy Salsa Mix was awesome! A mix of flavors, with just a hint of spiced heat. I tried not to eat more than I used. They're certainly worth a try, and if you end up not enjoying them as much as I did upon first taste, you can always use them for an art piece!



  1. Jason...thanks again for doing this crushed it! Chester has never looked so cheesy. And I agree...loved the Salsa Mix..

  2. It was fun, and fun seeing what the other fellas came up with. Oh, and I found a new favorite snack. Them Mix-Ups are good!