Monday, May 20, 2013

Father / Daughter School Luau

Almost like an exclusive club.

That's a whole 'lotta dads dancing.
You know someone is from Hawaii when,....
They are barefoot in most of their elementary school pictures.
   This past Friday, my 'Lil Miss had her school's father / daughter luau. When I saw the flyer a month before, I was really excited. It was something fun and special I could do with my sweet little gal, and it was an attempt to bring a bit of the islands to the event. We bought out tickets and counted down the days. I was unsure what to expect, as one of the events planned in the past was cancelled due to poor response. You just can't tell these days.

   So the evening of, I got home from work and we both got all dressed up. I got out my island shirt from vacations past, and she got all dolled up with her flower sun dress and hibiscus flower in her hair. She was bursting with excitement as we left the house. I told her to wait by the door of the car, as I walked up and opened it for her. She asked why I did that and I told her "that's what a gentleman does. He opens the door for a pretty lady." She got an embarrassed look about her with a smile and hopped in.

   We go there and the line to get in rivaled a Disneyland ride. Inside there were a few booths for games, stick-on tattoos, and treats. We got our photo taken together (will post when I received it) and played a few more games, dancing wherever we were to the music. She danced on my feet, arms wrapped around me. Toward the end, we joined the main group to dance the final two songs. A slow song where she requested spins, a few dips, and then holding her in my arms. Then there was the good-bye music we all danced to as the crowd thinned.

   It was a fun time to be sure. It was also amazing to see so many dads there. We were all in various levels of comfort. Some guys looked like a deer in headlights, others like a possum playing dead. There were the few of us that were in our element, making sure our daughters had a great time. No matter the level of enthusiasm, we were all there for our girls. That's what mattered and I heard veterans of the event referencing years past. It's nice to know they're setting a tradition. Sign me up for next year, and ALOOOOOOOO-HA!!!


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