Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guest Posting on Scott Behson's Fathers, Work and Family Blog

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Fathers, Work and Family

"I love it when a plan comes together." - Hannibal, The A-Team

   A little while ago, I did a post titled Work Life - Traveling Dad, where I talked about how the family stays connected when the working fathers (and mothers,...don't want to forget you ladies) off on a business trip. I gave some ideas on how to stay connect with your kids and significant other when gone. I was fortunate to sync up with dad blogger Scott Behson and his blog Fathers, Work and Family, a great place to hear more about balancing work/family and trying to make the workplace more supportive for parents.

   We collaborated a bit and I did a guest post on his blog, sharing some additional ideas around the same topic. I've seen some fun collaborations in the recent past, but this one took a fun turn and continued on. It seems that most guest posts end with the final salutation. Comments are then added and the post occasionally referred to. I was pleasantly surprised when we connected again, as Scott had taken it a step further and then documented it in a follow-up pos.

   He does fun memes for his boy. It's fun, unique, and a special insider thing between him and is son. I've seen people take a child's toy or some sort and send pics of the character/toy in action throughout the time they are gone. I think there's a commercial with a stuffed monkey like that. The point is to try. Try something obvious. Try something new and unique to you. Just try.

   Thanks again to Scott Behson of Fathers, Work and Family for a fun collaboration. It was a lot of fun seeing one post blossom into another. Good luck out there traveling work parents!


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  1. It was great working with you. I really enjoyed your original piece, and enjoy your blog. I'll see you on fb soon- maybe there will be another opportunity to work together soon!