Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kitchen Cleanliness - Food On The Floor

"Cleanliness is next to,.....impossible." - The Cheeky Daddy

   Have you been to The Cheeky Daddy Leftovers Buffet? Just head over to the kitchen table and then look straight down. There you will find half of any dinner we've had, provided by my loving children. Sometimes it's a few crumbs, and other times it's a full balanced meal. Our 'Lil Miss is getting better at keeping it on her plate, though it wasn't too long ago that she shared equal part in the nightly mess. Our Wee Lass is just starting on solids, so she's not the problem. It's my 'Lil Man that's the problem. I've seen him scoop up massive amounts of pasta or rice on his spoon and see NONE of it go into his mouth. When every other bite of food a minimum is going to the floor, one can see the layer of edible flooring we have in our kitchen.
   So we have learned to do something we haven't had to do since we've had kids. Sweep every night. I can recall my sister-in-law doing it for her 5 little ones, but I thought it was simply the sheer volume of children and food. Nope. We can do it with 2. So unless we're so tired from the day we can't get to it, we sweep, dustpan, and sometimes mop each night. I'll give The Wife credit that she gets on it much more often than I. She deserves a medal for the battlefield clean up she does each day.
   My brother went though it earlier with his boy. He's a closet inventor with no patents to his name, and this problem was no exception. He wanted to invent a barber style plastic catch all that went over your child's head with arms poking out to each. The plastic would reach the floor and fan out to "catch all" of the food that never made it into the child's mouth. I've seen bibs that have a small catch, but I was told "they were thinking too small" for his boy. Great in theory, but they've never met my boy. He's 6-10 feet away from the carpet and I'm having to vacuum the carpet these days too.
   So in the effort to stave off the ant invasion and a choking baby who's now putting everything in her mouth, we've reached that point. The messes can be epic, but it's what comes with the treasures we call our children. Now if my invention of a sliding kitchen floor that you could hose off in the back yard would work out, THAT would be something.


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