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Gillette ProGlide Razor Review - @Gillette

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"I see you're shaving. Was the weight of being a man to much for you?" - Overly Manly Man

I once saw a graphic on that looked something like this:
   Yes, that's exactly how things work in my life. The last razor hangs on forever, to the point of "shaving with a rusty razor" (what do you do with a drunken sailor!). That is, until I came home from vacation this past weekend and found a larger box atop my pile of recyclable mail fodder. I saw the phrase "Your greatest shave", and my attention was piqued. Anything that can save my skin from public flogging is certainly welcome. I thought this might be my escape from subjecting my neck to what feels like a cheese grater for a razor. (ouch, just the thought!)

   I'm no stranger to the Gillette product line. I've used various shave gels in the past. They've always done well on my skin. The razors have been purchased over the years also, and have been lost, stolen, graduated from, or grown so much scum on them that they look like an artifact from the Flying Dutchman captained by Davy Jones himself. Nay, this pirate was in need of something more than the pocket friendly 4 pack from whatever store I was at when they were needed. I slid my pocket knife through the seal of my new ProGlide sample and opened the box to the sound of a distant angelic choir. I beheld the greatness therein. "Precision meets sensitivity." We shall see Gillette, we shall see.

   I freed the contents of the box and found another treat. $5 off my next purchase of cartridge refills. Enticement to extend our relationship, should I come out of my first shave in 2 weeks unscathed. I washed my face in the shower and once done, lathered up in preparation of the first stroke down my face. It was like I was in the middle of a quiet meadow! Each stroke felt like a woman with baby soft fingers was gently brushing my cheek with the back of her hand. With four blades and a moisturizing strip, it was a VERY smooth shave. The swiveled neck allowed the razor to curve and hug the corners of my jawline like a Lamborghini taking corners with ease. I finished with no nicks or dings, and stared back at a satisfied customer.
   I highly recommend the Gillette ProGlide, and will be taking of advantage of the $5 coupon for sure. Let's just hope it doesn't take 6 months to do so!

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'Da fine print: @Gillette products were a free sample received via post. All opinions are The Cheeky Daddy's and the smooth shave is for ALL to enjoy. 

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