Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haircuts - Long Overdue

"Can a bald person get a hairline fracture?" - susan52z

   Today my daughter and I took a few minutes out of our day and shared in the haircut experience. Of all the things that kids can scoff at, this is not one of them for my 'lil gal. She sits patiently during the set up, proud to be up on the booster seat. She allows the water bottle spray and brushing out of any knots that may be present (this is the equivalent of water boarding in our home). She'll casually chat about her favorite colors, hobbies and past times. I'll catch her eye from time to time and she'll grin,....ear to ear.
    I think that children need to be pampered from time to time. That might not be the correct term, but the principal is the same. It's a small chunk of the day that they are focused on, and not by the same old mom or dad. "All those strangers, all those grown-ups, and this person is interested in just me!" That's what I see in her. Right now it's just a needed haircut. One day it'll be daddy/daughter pedicure time. Then the manly gloves truly come off, and gets his nails done. Anything to stay close to the kids. I can see the post now. "Real men get pedicures." Just wait.


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