Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Under Pressure

"A penny for your thoughts now baby, looks like the weight of the world's on your shoulders now" - Miracle, J. Bon Jovi

   Steven Wright said, "Hermits have no peer pressure." True, but I chose not to be a hermit a LONG time ago. I wanted a wife, kids, dog, fish, car, Boba Fett helmet, etc. I also agreed to take on all the stress and worry that came with all that joy and happiness. If mentioning bills, food, children's clothing, school, make your skin crawl and butt clinch, I welcome you to the Fret Club. We have jackets. We sit around and fret over how we'll make ends meet, feed our kids, keep them educated, etc.
   Your stereotypical stress relievers can be found here. I've tried most of them, so I'm on to the more fun versions:

Poker Tournament
I'm a simple 5 card stud kinda guy, but get your basic brushed up here.
Casino Night
How to throw one by eHow here.
Video Game Marathon
Pick 'yer console, and tell your loved one NOT to wait up.
Pool or Billiards
Billiards Hall finder here.
Beer Tasting
Look for tours, while I enjoy a Root Beer tasting kit from Old Town Root Beer Company
Go Karts
There's bound to be one nearby. Find it and let your inner child out.
Comedy Club
The Improve is a good start with locations nationwide. Or find one more local.

My grandfather said, "Don't fret the small stuff." My mother replies, "It's ALL small stuff!" I've summarized, "So I try not to fret, all." Keep your chin up and keep trying. You know why you do it. For those smiles and those kisses. With that, I leave you our pressure ballad:


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