Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's Your Sign?

"The sign said "eight items or less". So I changed my name to Les."  - Steven Wright

   I've always had a secret love for shop signs. There are a few in our nearby old town. It made me think a bit about how much I like them. I spent some time in the British Isles where shops signs are still commonplace. I love the quaint feel that they give. It's a calling card, a statement, etc. I know that at the basic form, it's just advertising placed at another angle. Yet they hang free, have dimension, and occasionally will blow in the breeze. I've always wanted to make my kids custom "shop signs" that would go over their bedroom doors. A few favorites:


   It's all in your style. I'd love to have a personlized pub sign, like the ones the Pub Sign Shop does. I also love to browse through all that Pub and Shop Signs has on their site. With my last name, the Olde White Swann, or something like it would seem appropriate. What's your sign?


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  1. Stopped by to say thanks for the kind words on my "The Man" posts I and II, and found this nifty post. My sign? "Out to life - Back in 20...years" heh.

    Actually, my last name is Shea, so a "Shea's Publick House" would be cool.

    And thank you, kind sir!