Monday, May 14, 2012

The Cardboard Castle

“You make kingdoms and castles on your own.” - Stephan Jenkins

     With all the leftover cardboard we accumulate, and my ever impressive art degree, did you expect anything else from me? When I see large boxes or pieces or unused cardboard, I see castles and forts, they way some people see shapes in clouds. With a sharp box cutter, and duct tape, I'm on my way. I always wish I could have done more, but an artist is his own worst critic.
     There are some fun posts out there. Visit the Thingamababy blog here to see the amazing fort a dad made for his kids. He did it for a party of 18 kids and has some GREAT ideas for add ons and tips. I also got some inspiration from the blog Playful Factory here, with links to structures you can buy or just gain some ideas from.
     It's all abou the effort. You will be rewarded. As I write this in the morning, I got a text from The Wife saying that she heard our 'Lil Miss wake up, come out of her room, and begin playing in the Cardboard Castle again. My day has been made.
     Happy building.


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