Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Approaches

“If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?” - Stephen Wright

     Oh it's so true. As summer approaches, all the familiar sights and sounds are here. Shoes stay off and sun dresses come out. The ice cream truck swings by more often, causing a riot within the house that rivals the Black Friday rush. Ceiling fans are installed where there once was a simple light, and calls for popsicles from the garage freezer come loud and often.

     So where are you with summer around the corner? Gearing up for the next summer blockbuster? Planning the week trip to the beach house? Fearing the all night slumber parties for your youngster? Oh, it's on mom and dad, and you'd better have your game face on. You get points for waking up, feeding the little ones and making sure they don't hurt themselves. Bonus points come with trips to the pool, splash pad, lake, or even putting on the sprinklers with a Slip 'n Slide. Double points for the larger water parks, including a movie night with snacks, including friends, or any other additional act that goes above and beyond.

Keep your own scores and we'll tally at the end of summer. Winner gets bragging rights, and I might even fashion a lame trophy.

Good luck!


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