Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kid Crafts and Memories

"There's no such thing as a bad kid, just a kid with a bad haircut." - Sam Malone, Cheers
     I'm always surprised at how clean we like to keep our spaces, but how hard it is to discard the things left behind by our little ones. I watched my 'Lil Man placing his hand in water and then on the ground, producing patterns of hand prints. He was so proud of himself, but the images faded as the water evaporated. I took a snapshot so that his little art installation was captured.

     Now, I keep EVERYTHING that my little ones make. I learned a long time ago with pictures, that you can always delete, but that you cannot create them from nothing. So I keep everything, and then thin the pile at the end of the year. With free online programs like pixlr, photo editing is easy. So my idea is to digitally capture most of the good stuff, and then actually keep the best and most significant pieces. Once I get to the end of a year, I can take all my images, collages, etc. that are digitally captured or created, and put them into a book. Either print and put them into clear sheets in a binder, or publish them in an awesome book like from My Publisher. I've used them before and the books look amazing.

     I'm not encouraging us all to be pack rats or hoarders. I'm more hoping we can not regret how little we have from our children's past for us and them to look back on. I love that I have my first story book that I stitched together with cardboard and twine. Email me for ideas, or just try them out on your own. Have fun!


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  1. Who knew you were crafty? We take pictures of a lot of my son's creations and my wife includes them in a yearly photo book using Shutterfly. We also keep a running list of the funny things he says and add it to the book as well. Love the pic with the hand print. My son used to love to leave wet footprints on our patio and would say, "Look out my paw prints!"