Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Carriers and Slings

"Carry on my wayward son." - Kansas

   Aside from feeling like a humanoid marsupial, carrying my children in carriers and slings has been a mixed bag of reaction and emotion. The first time I put one one, I went through a myriad of feelings, from "this is what it's like to be pregnant", to "boy, this'd be GREAT for shoplifting!" Basically, it boiled down to the same benefit as any hands-free device. You get more done! There's the added benefit of the child falling asleep, as they're nearer to your body, body heat, heartbeat, etc. That means sleepy time!

   We've used two different models for our little ones. The first is the Ergo-Baby. We own the Bundle of Joy - Original Black/Camel with Camel Insert.

  This one's nice for loads of reasons. The waist belt keeps the babies compounding weight off your shoulders and on your hips, much like a mountaineering pack. There's a buckle in the back, between your shoulder blades that keeps the thing from feeling like it's going to fall off at any minute. The weather cover is great for the sun, a light sprinkle, or just to keep them more enclosed once your child has fallen to sleep. Check out the standard features tab for the full enchilada.

   We've also used (are using) Sleeping Baby Productions LLC, slings. The Wife is a research nut, and always has been. After a TON of looking around, reading reviews, etc. she found Jan Heirtzler's hand made slings a while ago and they're the biz for babies.Kudos to The Wife for such a find, and kudos to Jan for such a stellar product.

   This one's nice as they are of great quality material, craftsmanship, and are VERY reasonably priced. She'll add a bit of color flair to the fringe, add a pocket, and a few other extras available. The website covers safety, why to chose them (besides listening to The Cheeky Daddy, MY MINIONS!!!), and a bunch of other questions an involved parent would ask. 

   My last comment is related to the manliness of wearing a baby carrier. I'm past the embarrassment of it all. After being peed on, pooped on, puked on, and food dumped on, pride is OUT the window. Wear your kid with pride instead. They are my loudest cheering section these days, and THAT'S all that matters. Good luck in you baby wearing endeavors. 


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