Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Throwing A Princess Party

"A party is a party,..." - Mr. Elton, Emma

   But a Princess party!!! The event was many weeks in the making. The Wife and I planned, researched, baked, frosted, and decorated ourselves silly! It was clear about halfway into the whole thing that this party MIGHT just be more for us than for our 'Lil Miss. It came, it happened, it went. Here was the schedule:

11-11:15am - Welcome and making of bead necklaces
11:15-12:15 - Visit with a princess (face painting, games, songs, etc)
12:15-12:30pm - Cupcakes
12:30-1pm - Open presents and candy bar wrap up

   We started this whole mad process with a simple set of lists on a piece of paper. We listed the all the treats we could think of, then all the decorations we wanted to try put out. We began to research locations, then things we could bring into our home. Over the course of a few weeks we had priced and began acquiring items from Target, Wal-Mart, Party City, Sam's Club, The $.99 Store, and a few others. Our biggest influences came from our YEARS of enjoying Disneyland, Disney movies, stores, etc. Ideas I've had for a long time finally got to be used.  We also spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest, looking for ideas around the keywords "princess, party, pink, treats" and so on.

   We both thought it would be like herding cats, but we kept things moving and it turned out to be a REALLY good time. The girls were sad to see the princess leave, but they focused on whatever was next. By keeping them onto the next thing and staying involved, all 14 girls were very well behaved and super cute. In the end, I'd say that throwing a princess party was a LOT of hard work, but VERY well worth the effort.

All my best in your party planning endeavors. 


P.S. Could NEVER have been done without The Wife. Get her take at her blog, The Cheeky Cafe.
P.P.S. The above and more pics set to "The Magic Flute"


  1. Very cute! You daughter is lucky to have such a wonderful party thrown for her.

  2. The Wife is pondering a party like that occurring every OTHER year. It took a day or two to recover!