Thursday, January 10, 2013

Preparing For A Birthday Party

"There ain't no party, like your grandma's tea party." - Flight of the Conchords

   Our 'Lil Miss had a birthday in December. We tried to have a birthday part at that time a few years ago, and it was a miserable disgrace of a thing. No one is available for something like that, as they're busy with work parties, church parties, family gathering, travel, alien abductions, etc. So this year we planned ahead and handed out invites just before the winter break for a January date. "Omigosh!", you might say. Before naysayers pipe up, we've had 13 out o 15 RSVP to attend. 
   There will be a full report with pictures and link to our favorite spots for part gear. This is more to indicate that The Wife and I are in heaven. Fun and creative stuff like this is our drug. The above pic is just one of the rooms we'll be using for the festivities. Princess canopy with lights, sparkle mesh, etc. While it won't be especially Disney themed, it WILL look like the part threw up on our first floor. 
   All this because we want our 'Lil Miss to have a good time, her guests to have a good time, and because I start to get the shakes if I haven't had some sort of creative outlet like this in some time. The things we do for our children, yeah? I'm not sure how I'll handle a superhero, or army part for my 'Lil Man one day. 



  1. Advantage of not having friends: Fewer disappointments over no shows.

    Actually best of luck. Kids' parties can be hellish.

  2. By preparing for hell, it doesn't seem that bad.
    And yes, no shows were the biggest fear. Turns out that it was the BEST time, as many of the parents said they were looking for something to do at the end of 3 weeks off school, just days before returning.
    I try to remember I'm uncool. THAT'S what helps me have a good time, no matter what.