Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Just Gonna Tap The Brakes A Little

“It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.” ― Scott Cherney, Red Asphalt

   While I'm always intrigued by the mysteries of the universe, I'm always happy when science provides  some validation to my gripes. Case in point, traffic. The above video is a little experiment by The Mathematical Society of Traffic Flow (Science Now article here). The article states that "just a few mildly inconsistent drivers on the road will eventually cause a wave of backups."

You don't say...

   Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has felt a level of road rage when they've slammed on their brakes for what appears to be no reason. Now I know why. There is,...wait for it, And now I have proof. 

   I wonder if it will make me less inclined to bark at my windshield, or spew more venom at the faceless "wonder-braker" somewhere up ahead. Either way, I appreciate stumbling across this. It helps to know that when I'm screaming "THERE'S NO REASON FOR THIS", that, well.......I'm right.


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