Friday, September 6, 2013

The Friday Flush - #2

The Friday Flush - #2

   This is only the second official Friday Flush, but a flush it must be. This week was taxing, mostly at the end. Anyone ever need to just flush the system and start new? It's been a busy week, ending with a family crisis that I knew one was coming, just not from the child it happened to.

Our First Broken Bone
   Feast 'yer eyes on the image of my 7YO daughter's hand and accompanying x-ray. We bought a used swing set and all parts check out. Don't let that fool you, as the seat split in two on her way back down. Her hands gripped and slid down the chains before she hit the ground,...HARD. Not sure exactly where in the process it happened, but Friday ended up being a day getting the bone reset. Fun times had by all, but I'll give my sweet 'Lil Miss credit. She was brave. The nurse said she was there to hold her down during the shots to numb her hand, and she didn't even have to hold her down. She just sat there and took it. I seriously thought my 3YO 'Lil Man was the bruiser that was going to get us our first broken bone. Not so. Best part is, my daughter wants to know if she can get a wheelchair to maximize the chatter at school. Ugh.....

Tractor For A Drummer
   With a beat always in my head, I was smiling the entire time when I clicked a link on to view these guys rocking out to a tractor engine. I'm always hearing the beat in my car engine, the rocking chair as our baby is put to sleep, and so on. These guys take it to another level and add all the other parts, making it a good 'ole fashioned performance. Makes me wish I practiced the guitar just a bit more than I have,.......and the banjo too. I don't care what anyone says, as one day I'll find the time to learn to play the banjo,....and the bagpipes. What? It's been a secret dream of mine. One day laddies, one day.

Lost Family Memories
   My grandmother passed away in September of last year. I heard she was a "big band" singer in the Ogden, Utah area. I went looking for anything I could find that might have her name attached to it. I was unsuccessful in that search, but instead uncovered an article about my grandfather (who passed just 6 months after her, to a military funeral). The article describes him enlisting to serve in World War II in the footsteps of his older brother. Not to be outdone, their father RE-enlisted after serving in World War I. I was amazed at the find, as was the rest of the family, who knew nothing of the article. Some of my family isn't as interested in family history as I am. I'm proud of where I come from and love that I know more about people I'm related to. I'm grateful there is record of things like this, and that I can still get a hold of them to pass on to my children. There are little treasures out there for all of us to find, if we just start looking.

   So there's my Friday Flush - #2 (get it,......number,.....two?). A long week, but a chance to share experiences, my love for a good beat, and a lost family memory now found for future generations. Now for a deep breath over the weekend, so we can start,......fresh?



  1. It made me laugh how your daughter wanted the wheelchair for maximum effect on her hand break. Classic. I hope she is better soon.

    1. Hey James. It was funny watching the evolution of her injury.
      Stage 1 - pain and suffering.
      Stage 2 - fear and denial.
      Stage 3 - reward and attention to be had.
      She's been a trooper and has actually had a great sense of humor about it. "Ah-gots-meh-ah-brokeeeeeen-fingah!"