Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why I Internet

"If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger." - Frank Lloyd Wright

   There have been some experiences as of late that have made me take a long hard look at why I Internet. I was going to use the unconfirmed quote that was credited to Albert Einstein regarding "technology surpassing our humanity", which makes sense also. I chose the intro quote, as it rings true when I see how quickly my children can end up using their push-button finger exclusively without parental control. 

   So why do you Internet? I thought I'd give a quick snippet of which social media outlet I'm involved with and why. There may be no knowledge imparted, but it's an exercise, so bear with me. 

Blogger - When Garth said, "We fear change" in the Wayne's World movie, he was really saying something. I've been with Blogger for years. It's what I know and still a large portion of who's out there are still using it. There are limitations, but it's kept me writing and sharing. 
Facebook - It's like when AOL was the only name online service to access the Internet. Plenty of people wished there was another popular option, but there just simply wasn't. My take is that there are loads of people who feel the same way. It's a necessary evil. 
Twitter - Jim Gaffigan said Twitter was just a time killer. Maybe, but it's nice to blurt out a digi-thought without needing to write three paragraphs so it looks well crafted. Quick 'n easy, so I'm all for it. 
Instagram - What better way to document and share what you're having for dinner? Really, though, I like to write in journal to record my life experiences, and Instagram is a fun way to do that visually. 
Youtube - I love to create little movie shorts. Youtube has been a friend for some time now. I've kept in touch with my children from the road through the service, so I'm a fan. 
Pinterest - This is my digital scrapbook, notebook, journal and everything in between. It's hard to keep up when I'm having to keep up on others, but it's been extremely hand to have available to me. 
Google+ - I keep it current, just in case it gets super big. Right now, I can hear crickets when I visit my Google+ page. 
Esty - The Wife and I have started selling some art pieces and Esty is a super popular way to get some exposure and sell it. We've done quite well for being so young in it, and have enjoyed it so far. 
CafePress - This is just another way for me to get my artwork out there. A little bit lesser known, but if I learned anything as an ad salesman, the more roads you have coming into your brand, the better. 

   So there it is. Why I Internet. Do you Internet? Tell me why. 


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