Friday, September 20, 2013

The Friday Flush #4

The Friday Flush #4

   Welcome to The Friday Flush #4. It's felt like Friday ever day this week. Which made each day feel like a Monday after I realized I was NOT at the weekend. Alas, here we are now, and I'm ready to share some fun stuff.

Drug Driving Advert From New Zealand
   Everyone I know is a sucker for a good television advertisement. They give you that short break from the norm and can give me the chuckles something fierce. Check out this drug driving advert from New Zealand. Funny stuff. I knew what the ad was for before viewing it (as do you now), but I can imagine the reaction if it were to just come on the television. These kids are pretty funny and nail their father's impressions. I wonder how my kids look when impersonating me......but that's for another hidden camera post that will most likely never happen. It ends on that serious note we all know is coming, which is important. The beginning and middle are just hilarious. The facial expressions are funny, and I'm hard pressed to not start calling all my friends "brew" from now on.

Wood Burning Kid
While surfing the web, I came across this pic on of a kid who was selling pieces of wood that he'd burned with a magnifying glass. Now, as a kid, I was ALL about burning stuff with a magnifying glass. I was also creative, and artistic. I did NOT, however, have the mind to put it all together into a marketable skill. I give this guy credit for doing something he likes and marketing it for others to enjoy. The reason I thought to post it on The Friday Flush is because of the inspiration it was to me. As The Wife and I are doing more furniture refurbishing and art pieces, we find that we have inspired a few people to try new things. The whole reason that it happened is because we started trying new things ourselves. Inspiration is out there and we've taken up the reins to do something about it. So did this kid. I think we can all learn from that.

Amazing Animation Style
Vimeo is an amazing place to discover new talent. There are mind blowing videos and animation. Those who may not know, I'm an animation enthusiast and love to find new projects that push the envelope on what animation is. Today I present one I discovered called "Malaria" by Edson Oda. As first glance, I had no idea what to expect. It was just listed as an "amazing new animation style". While I know that there is little that is "new" in art, I do know that there are new ways to present things. This animation was hard to pull away from, and I ended up sharing with a few close people who understand my love of animation. It's a great story, and well done animation that is wonderfully executed. I hope you get as much out of it as I did. I can only aspire to produce my own projects that can grip the viewer for even a short amount of time.

   And thus I leave you with The Friday Flush #4, a little bit wiser, inspired, and feeling ready to take on the weekend's projects. We've laughed while remembering why drug abuse sucks, been inspired to try new things, and sat back to enjoy a finished product by one inspired individual. Later brew!


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