Friday, September 27, 2013

The Friday Flush #5

The Friday Flush #5
   Oh, it's that time again. The Friday Flush #5 wraps up a week of funny new people, some fun new tech, and another taste of the random. 

The BatDad
The BatDad is one funny dude. His name is Blake Wilson and he grabbed a Batman mask one day and the rest is Internet history. The first time I saw this was on a Dad Blogger group post on FB. The guys were recommending we recruit this funny dude. It started off as a funny for him and the family, but has since gained massive popularity and tickled the chuckler of many a funny bone. I'm not immune, as I've laughed at all his videos, and shared them with a giggling wife. I love this guy's creativity and ability to have fun. Four kids can zap you if you don't keep it fun while being responsible for that many lives. I'm always doing voices for the kids, playing various characters, and so on. The BatDad keeps it real by having fun, making the world laugh, and keeping his wife on her toes. For you never know,....when the BatDad will strike next.

I was browsing on Reddit and saw the video that has caught some momentum. It's Phonebloks. The tagline is "a phone worth keeping". Check out the video and see for yourself. It's addresses the waste that is a our cell phones when something is out of date or gets broken. How many of us have had the camera stop working and all of the sudden, we need a new phone. I've had a dozen phones over the years and several problems that have negated the usefulness in my eyes, demanding a replacement. The concept of Phonebloks is that you can replace the broken piece, or upgrade only what you want. I was told by a medical IT guy that the "big guys" would NEVER let that happen. We also agreed that the music industry said the same thing about file sharing,....until Napster changed everything. Keep a weather eye on this one. It's gaining momentum.

I've always enjoyed the lore of Scotland. I married a gal with Scottish blood and found out there's a wee bit of it in my side as well. Now, while I didn't get married in full Kilt regalia, I'm always on the lookout for fun ways to tie myself to the culture. One day a buddy of mine hit me with a link to a site that gave me a good laugh, and then had me saving up my pennies. I give you, where you can enjoy the traditions of the past with the functionality of today. It take a guy well in touch with his masculinity to wear a kilt in America these days. We're not the most accepting people at times. So for a bloke (guy) to throw on a kilt that says "let's go hammer up some drywall",....well, that guy has a seat at my table any time. There's a slew of styles and functions, from the Tuxedo, to the Workman. They've got you covered, even if its just around the waist. Check these guys out, and don't be surprised if you find yourself saving up like I did.

Thanks for dropping by for The Friday Flush #5. We were introduced to the dad that we don't need but don't deserve, a phone worth keeping, and a way to let your inner Scotsman out in a modern way. While the computer and Internet can be a vice, and a big one at that, I'm glad it connects me to some fun and cool stuff. Hope you've enjoyed.


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