Friday, September 13, 2013

The Friday Flush #3

The Friday Flush #3

   This week ends with an animated robot elephant, some words of wisdom from one of our favorite authors, and something more random than the square root of rooster breath on a wind farm of destiny (whaaaa???). Each week ends with a sigh of relief as we head into our day two day breather from the grind of making some pesos.

Biology Notes Animation
   For a change of pace, and a trip back to the long and dreary days of taking notes in class, have a look at Biology Notes, or as I remember it,.....ROBOT ELEPHANT! As I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts, I wasn't sure where my honed skill would take me. After designing t-shirts, then medical collateral, I found myself at a slot machine company in Las Vegas, NV. There I began to pick up on basic animation. From there my love of hand-drawn animation took root and I delved into a world of my own. I had a few of my own animated shorts. Nothing award winning, but fun to do either way.

Mark Twain Quotes On Writing
   While I'm not a professionally trained writer, I do like to scribble down words with a pencil 'n paper, or type till my fingers start to form blisters. I've noticed that many of my blogging friends will occasionally question what they're writing, if anyone is reading it, why they can't make a good living at it, and so forth. I'm here to say, "amen". I stumbled across  Mark Twain quotes on writing, and found that one of our heroes had a lot to say on the matter. Some of it funny, some of it serious, I found it to be just what the doctor ordered. Reading through gave me a moment to step back and take stock of where I'm going with some things. Beating writer's block or just getting some direction is usually accomplished by hitting up some of my peers for advice. However, getting beat around the head and shoulders with words from a giant such as Mr. Twain can be a nice departure from the norm. Take a peek and see what might resonate with you.

Retro Junk
   We wrap up with a completely random offering. I stumbled across several years ago. It started as a search for some old cartoon intros and others. Boy did I leave the site satisfied. Theme songs (and video) to the likes of Silver Spoons, Different Strokes, Thundercats, and so on. Some time later, I wanted to find some old Mountain Dew commercials. I checked out RetroJunk and found what I was looking for. As a child of the 80's, I think we had a fun decade of the most random things that made us happy. This site is a great place to relive some of those moments, and to share them with our children to watch their faces in shock and horror at what we thought was cool.

   So enjoy The Friday Flush #3. May you be inspired and edified through a militant flying robot elephant, a no-frills legend, and any number of blasts from the past.


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