Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ancestors - It's All In The Family (Tree)

"If you go up your family tree high enough, you're bound to find a few monkeys." - Unknown

   I'm a bit of a family history nut. I love to ask people where they're surname comes from, and how long ago they came to America. As a resident of planet earth, we seem so close while at the same time seeming so distant. I think my interest in family history helps to bridge that and get others thinking about their heritage.

   It all started when I asked my father where we came from before America. He told me that our surname was recorded coming off a boat, but not getting on. "So...", he said. "Either someone got married on the boat, or we're descended from horse thieves trying to escape their name." I inquired with my grandmother and she refuted the story, stating that my great grandfather immigrated from Ireland, through Lancaster, England. Not as amazing a story, but I like that I know more. That planted the seed and now, when time permits, I enjoy digging deeper and discovering where I came from and who those people were.

   There are some great websites that can help you get started. Ancestry.com is a great one as well as Genealogy.com. You can get started there, and expand over time. The only reason I ever got my original website up, was a co-worker once telling me "You need to just get it up. Fix it along the way. Don't wait to have it perfect, or else you'll NEVER get it done. The same applied to family history. It's all about getting started. Take a few minutes, ask a few question from family that might know a few bits of information about past relatives. Get going and see what comes of it. I've found it to be rewarding and a way to connect with the family of my past.

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