Friday, October 4, 2013

The Friday Flush #6

The Friday Flush #6

   Welcome to The Friday Flush #6. The week ends with a splash, then builds itself back up, and ends with a basic line drawing. Memories flood back from a single image, then imagination soars with a taste of MITs newest project. We wrap up with mindless fun, just to make you smile. 

Shaun Murray Wakeboarding
My father bought a boat back in the early 80's. This was before the super cool Mastercrafts and carbon fiber wakeboards. My dad was O.G., and he didn't even know it. We took all my friends out on it, and others from our church group before their dads bought the cool new boats that I was never invited on (I think I may still have some issues). I saw this pic posted on of Shaun Murray wakeboarding and had a flood of memories comes back. The early morning chill of the delta, the sun warming you after an awesome first run, and the family lunch staple of sandwiches and Orange Crush. I miss those days, but am glad to have the memories. I'm not sure if I'll ever own a boat, as they seem like a money pit from which there is no return. Perhaps a friend or a rental once the kids are older?

Self-Assembling Blocks
While a ways of from forming Voltron, MIT scientists have worked out freestanding blocks that can self assemble. Wicky-wicky-whaaaaa? Check out the video, and see for yourself what the folks over at MIT have been developing. I've noticed that with new projects like this there is little discussion about the possible applications of such technology. You have to admit though, it's got Voltron written all over it. I'm amazed at what the minds of today can come up with. The advancement of technology is happening so fast that it makes me wonder where we'll be once my kids are grown up. By then it's hover boards and sliver jump suits, right? Just think of the things that didn't exist when you were young and multiply that by another generation. It makes the mind boggle and I'm excited and afraid at the same time.

Draw A Stickman
For that end of the week mindless fun, I give you Draw A Stickman. It's,....well....mindless fun. Pass a little bit of time and find yourself smiling after you've drawn your very own Stickman that then gets animated. There are a few episodes to choose from to get started, and then you can share your creation with your minions through all the right social media outlets. Before I was a world class amateur animator, I started with paper stapled together and a pencil to draw my stick figure sequences. This is just taking it to the next level. The kids can have fun for a spell, or you can take that needed break from those same kids, work, and any other responsibility you're trying to survive.

   So there you have it. We "skimmed the surface" with water sport memories, then saw how MIT "stacked up" with new projects, only to "animate" our lives through stick figure fun. I hope this leaves you inspired in some way. All my best. Now get out there and create something!


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