Friday, October 18, 2013

The Friday Flush #8

The Friday Flush #8
   Fuh-fuh-fuh-Friday! Yes, another week has past and it's time to flush. Welcome to The Friday Flush #8, where people go to get their weekend inspiration. Okay, maybe not ALL people, but people nonetheless. I mean,....YOU'RE people,....aren't you? This segment discovers a stop-motion piece that is sure to impress, what the zombie apocalypse might look like, and more straight randomness.

Amazing Stop-Motion
There are some talented artist and animators out there. Many make me feel like I'm still drawing stick figures, but most leave me feeling inspired. This video, named Katachi, is nothing short of incredible. I'd love to explore the wonderful world of stop-motion animation, but time is something that a young family does NOT have. The best I can do is find what little time I can dedicate to art projects. My first stop motion animation was We Are Going To Be Friends where the shoes of our 'Lil Miss go on a short adventure. Take a peek and let me know if I have the makings. Then I'll get onto the next one. Who knows where it might take me!

Abandoned Places
There is something mystical about abandoned places that man has left behind. Whether you find yourself wondering what the zombie apocalypse might look like, or are just fascinated by the look of a time past, I thought that the 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World might be worth a viewing. Some of the locations are quite old, but some are eerily new. It gives a small window into what it might look like if we did abandon the earth, or the zombies finally took over. Seeing mother nature take back over is what impresses me. "Life finds a way" is the line from Jurassic Park, and I think it applies. The pictures are captivating enough, but I wonder the feeling one would have if physically at each location. Would the silence around be enough to send you running back to civilization? Interesting.

The Scootercase
Who says you have to grow up? Even though we may get older, we still like to have some fun and get to our destinations with style and punctuality. For this I give you the Scootercase by Hammacher. As of this post the item that would define a generation, has been discontinued. This is not to say that you wouldn't find this highly coveted item in the likes of a thrift store, estate sale, or online bidding war. I've always pictured rolling up to the business building of a high end client on one of these. I'd hop off in style, break the piece down to the case in a flash, and hand business cards to the VPs in front of me who are now flashing grins of confidence in a business party that knows, as they do, that time is money. I know that with American ingenuity, we won't be seeing the last of this defining product. Or, like the carbon car, will it never see the light of day due to corporate intervention to stifle the brilliant ideas of our countries greatest inventors. Conspiracy theorists unite!

   So there you are! Animation still rocks, mankind is on the brink, but we'll do it in rolling scooter style. All my best for the weekend. It's certainly needed these days.


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